Unit tests for dynamic development or production.
Playground, with everything set up in global namespaces for the developer console and a Scene setup with node debugging information below.
Renderer comparison, for inspecting rendering differences between Canvas/SVG/DOM/WebGL. Sometimes requires a reload to work properly, due to some Require.js issues.
Display fuzzer, performs random operations on a scene graph with a display in an effort to trigger assertions/failures to uncover any existing bugs.
Troubleshooting, shows browser-specific information as a debugging aid.
Text bounds comparison, for evaluating different methods of computing text bounds.
Path strokes, for testing the fill/stroke intersection testing of various Scenery primitives
Performance regression suite, for testing Scenery performance between HEAD and snapshot versions.
Micro-benchmarks, (somewhat unreliable) way of checking for performance gains.
Canvas Composite Test, visual inspection of composite operations
Canvas browser differences, for working around differences (bugs?) in browser Canvas 2D implementations.